Redeemed By The Blood Saved By Grace

Rob Redeemed & Saved

St.louis Christian Hip Hop artist Saved and Rob Redeemed have combined forces to bring you their new mixtape Redeemed By The Blood Saved By Grace. This collaborative project released 01/2015. The title track/ lead single Redeemed by the Blood Saved by Grace dropped on 9/16. "We pooled some tight tracks, bounced a lot of ideas off of each other, challenged each other to write the best verses possible to each track and came out with an Mixtape that will appeal to those who have been Saved by God's grace as well as those who have yet to accept Christ. Our hope is that the music will be a tool that will lead to and allow for deeper conversations about the Gospel, Gospel Centered relationships with those who don't know Christ, and eventually discipleship with those who listen.

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